Filtered Pet 

Water Bottle

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Keep your Furry Friend Hydrated and your trips lighter while on the go

Why use Filtered Dog 

Water Bottle

We know the struggle. Walking a hyperactive dog can be a difficult task. It is not ideal to take large drinking bowl or let your dog drink from puddles or muddy ponds.

It's not just nice to ensure your pet is hydrated, but it's essential that they are healthy by staying clear of contaminated water resources. 

That's when our Filtered Pet Water Bottle comes in! 

Key Benefits


Give your dog a drink in a jiffy at the touch of a button. It is portable and extremely easy to use. Just gently press the lock button to release a little water 

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: It is light, portable water bottle that is easy to take around. It can hold 400ml of water. It will keep your pet well-hydrated for hours! 

IDEAL FOR TRAVEL/WALKS: You no longer need to carry large water bowls for your pets. 

LEAK-PROOF: With this leak-proof and self-filling water bowl, it is easy to carry it around wherever you go. 

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Filtered Pet Bottle



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